No Apologies – No Regrets

I would never apologize for the lifestyle that I have chosen.   I chose to be open, honest, and I choose to care about others around me.   Just because my sex life is an open book, and I have chosen to film it, doesn’t make me heartless.

I know what you are thinking, ‘The hooker with a heart of gold’.    Well, I’m not a hooker either, but, that is an entirely different conversation all together.

I’m a non drinker, and a non smoker.   This is by choice.   It’s not because I had some serious problem in my life with drugs and alcohol.   I decided to eat healthy and live healthy at a very young age.   It’s because I love my life, and I value it.   That means it’s up to me to take care of it.

I have never blamed anyone for ‘getting me into porn’.   I chose it.   It was my choice, all on my own.    No one forced me, no one held a gun to my head.    And you know what?   I loved every minute of it!     There wasn’t a set I was ever on, both in mainstream and in porn that we didn’t have some great laughs.    And the best part was, I got to have sex with some of the hottest guys and gals around!

To me, porn was always a lot more honest than the mainstream film industry.     I actually had people in mainstream try to get me on a ‘casting couch’ with all sorts of promises.    That never worked with me.    In porn, it was so much more honest and straight forward.    I LOVED that!    They called me up, they would ask me if I wanted to work with so and so on Thursday, I said yes or no.     And there were some scenes I turned down.   No big deal, straight forward, either you want to or you don’t.    Again, it was my choice.

It’s not to say I didn’t work with some great people in mainstream films that were honest.   I did.   I worked directly with Joel Schumaker in 8 MM, and he was an amazing guy!   Great person, very direct, and very cool.     Not to mention a really fun director to work with.    I wish they would have shown the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor!   I’m sure those ended up in Joel’s personal fetish collection.       I also worked with some other really great people in mainstream.    I’ll go into some of those detailed stories later.

So, this blog is about my life as an adult film actress.    And I will not apologize for it.   And I certainly have no regrets.